Through our research we are creating a database of evidence around how organizations can be the catalyst for a flourishing global society.  As workplaces rapidly change, we discover and share the knowledge needed to create a healthier world.  Learn more about each of our research areas below.

Reimagining Sustainability & Societal Well-being

Sustainable business strategies are those that leave people better.

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Well-being through Work

The platform of work can “create” better human beings and a better society

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Sector Specific Research

We hone in on the drivers for well-being in the workplace within specific sectors or business context.

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Community Well-being

We measure how companies can positively impact the communities in which they operate.

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Environmental Design

We look at how the work environment and office design affects well-being.

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Harvard Flight Attendant Health Study

We look at societal trends, all of which influence business and commerce.

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