Reimagining Sustainability & Societal Well-being

We’re reimagining what sustainability and health mean for business success. We’re challenging the notion that sustainability means predominately a concern over environmental impacts with less attention to the people side. And we’re also moving away from focusing on negating harm toward a more positive approach to creating a more sustainable and healthier future.

Today’s challenge for corporations is to effectively transition from a shareholder capitalist system to a stakeholder capitalist system. Central to this new paradigm are employees, and also communities, consumers, investors, and society at large. How can businesses invest in their stakeholders to help their corporate strategies flourish?

Work offers a tremendous arena for promoting thriving. Studies show that work can fill human needs for financial security, meaning and purpose, self-efficacy, learning and mastery, social connection, mental and physical health, in addition to health care. We’re reimagining sustainability to be reflective of business’s impact on people and not just the environment.


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