Advance Human Sustainability

SHINE invites companies to support our research by either serving as a living lab for our ongoing well-being study or by making a charitable donation. Our research aims to measure well-being within the workplace and understand it within the context of an industry or organization. Here’s why companies choose to support SHINE and contribute to a better understanding of how well-being impacts people, organizations, and the planet.

Occupational Health Expertise
SHINE is led by Eileen McNeely, Ph.D., an instructor in the Environmental Occupational Medicine and Epidemiology Program at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Dr. McNeely has worked as a consultant, researcher, clinician and educator in the field for over 20 years and is a renowned expert in the sustainability and health of human capital in the workplace.

Holistic Approach Informed by the Latest Science
SHINE has developed a pioneering research instrument, the SHINE Well-being Survey, a comprehensive, multidimensional and well-tested questionnaire that goes beyond the questions typically asked in employee health, happiness and engagement surveys. SHINE asks employees detailed questions about organizational resources, home and community quality of life, perceptions of work productivity and engagement and more. Also explored, in addition to physical and mental health, are life satisfaction, sense of purpose, character and virtue, social connectedness, and financial security.

The SHINE Well-being Survey is an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to understanding well-being in the context of work that draws from new understandings in the fields of public health, occupational medicine, psychology and philosophy and is informed by the latest research developments from leading scientists across Harvard University.

Beyond employee survey results, SHINE examines system flows and business practices to better understand drivers of change within the organization, which helps us build a greater understanding of systems that influence well-being within sectors and in commerce. In addition, SHINE research looks across the value chain to identify impacts on communities, consumers, and suppliers.

Quality and Depth of Data
As part of a renowned public health institution, SHINE and its Well-being Survey engender significant trust and transparency. Employees inherently understand that, as part of Harvard University, SHINE adheres to strict ethical standards for security, privacy and confidentiality, so employees are often more likely to participate and often likelier to provide more honest and thoughtful responses. This can translate to a higher quantity and better quality of data that can lead to deeper understanding of the true state of employee well-being and may reveal issues, concerns or potential areas for improvement that were previously unknown.

SHINE research is conducted behind a Harvard University firewall, so SHINE is able to collect data at the individual level. While the data remains anonymous, SHINE researchers can study and track individual responses and changes over time – not just gross changes – so can go beyond mere association to identifying cause and effect.

Analytics That Connects the Dots
Through our research instrument, SHINE produces analytics that establish a baseline level of workforce well-being and can shine a light on the relationship between organizational drivers and individual well-being. By looking at different data streams – business outcomes, physical health, work conditions, life situations – our research scientists achieve a 360˚ view of the whole employee, their work and life, the connections between their work lives and personal lives and the impact on overall well-being.

SHINE conducts extensive research within multinational organizations in various sectors across the globe. As such, we leverage big data from diverse cohorts to benchmark workplace well-being and its drivers across regions, departments and business value chains. Once published, these findings can be used to better understand employee populations and to inform human resources and employee well-being decision-making and strategic planning.


With your support, we carry the great potential to advance ideas that can benefit workforces and communities around the globe. To learn more about our research, please contact Courtney Leimanis, Engagement & Communications Manager,