The well-being potential of every one of us depends on the environment in which we live and systems in which we operate.  And the success of every organization depends on creating opportunities for individuals to thrive and fulfill their potential.

At SHINE, our scientists conduct research with the aim of shining a light on the dynamic connections that exist between individuals, organizations, workplaces and communities and their impact on our well-being.  Because well-being in one setting influences well-being in all settings.

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NEW! COVID-19 Research Initiative


How is the COVID-19 pandemic changing the dynamics and trajectory of population health? Join us as we launch a new research initiative to explore the impact of COVID-19 on the health and well-being of people worldwide, and to understand the role of institutions in shaping the trajectory of the future of health.

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SHINE Summit

Join visionary scientists, thought-leaders, and innovators. Save the date for SHINE Summit 2021: Nov 8-10!

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SHINE Research: Featured Impact Areas

Reimagining Sustainability & Societal Well-being

Sustainable business strategies are those that leave people better.

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Well-being Through Work

The platform of work can “create” better human beings and a better society.

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Sector-Specific Research

We hone in on the drivers for well-being in the workplace within specific sectors or business context.

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SHINE Spotlight:
Factory Workers on Work and Well-being

Employees at an apparel factory in Mexico share about their experience with the SHINE
Well-being Survey and the social impacts of SHINE’s research within their workplace.