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SHINE Summit 2023

Revisiting the Productivity Dilemma:
The Humanity of Work and
What It Means for Sustainable Business

Harvard University | Cambridge, MA
October 3-4, 2023

The SHINE Summit is the leading forum for visionary thinking, innovative research and practical solutions that advance organizational flourishing.  Join us on campus for the most important interdisciplinary conversations on the role of business in advancing human well-being, featuring renowned scientists and pioneering leaders of industry.

SHINE Summit 2023 addressed how the meaning and metrics of work have been forever changed, and how this provides an opportunity to rethink the humanity of work and the measurement of business success. Looking beyond the old productivity measures and short-term timelines, we identified the true drivers of productivity and developed new ways to think about performance, productivity, and the humanity of work to create more humane and sustainable business measurement tools.