SHINE Executive Director to Facilitate a GW4W Presentation on Environmental Sustainability & Leadership

SHINE’s Executive Director, Eileen McNeely will be facilitating an online discussion around Environmental Sustainability, Leadership, and a New Path Forward as part of a special Hear to Heart presentation hosted by GW4W. 

Read on for details and a link to sign up for this free online event: 

Many challenges over the last year have underscored the need to focus more actively on creating a sustainable world at work and in our communities. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on how businesses, researchers and NGO’s can intentionally work together to address the burning platforms facing us and the next generation.

This design thinking approach requires leadership that comes from a place of health, caring and innovation. You’ll hear about specific initiatives that have made steps forward, some of the data that connects human sustainability to environmental sustainability and receive ideas and actions you can implement in your organization and in your daily life.

On March 16th at 12:00 pm EST we invite you to use your voice and join the conversation. Share what you are doing for sustainability and be a part of doing “more good together.” Register today.