SHINE Research Featured in Book on Measuring Well-being

We are delighted to share that the volume Measuring Well-being: Interdisciplinary Perspectives from the Social Sciences and the Humanities edited by Harvard researchers Matthew E. Lee, Laura D. Kubzansky, and Tyler J. VanderWeele is scheduled for release on March 18th.

SHINE researchers, Eileen McNeely and Dorota Węziak-Białowolska, contributed to Chapter 17, titled Current Recommendations on the Selection of Measures for Well-Being. 

The book has received two wonderful endorsements below:

“This interesting volume has something for everyone. It brings together the down-to-earth empiricism of the World Happiness Report with a wide range of philosophical and theological perspectives. And miraculously they produce agreed recommendations. A very thought-provoking read.” –Richard Layard, Programme Director of the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics, Co-editor of the World Happiness Report, and author of Can We Be Happier? Evidence and Ethics.

“Measuring Well-Being: Interdisciplinary Perspectives from the Social Sciences and the Humanities is easily one of the most creative syntheses of past, present, and future research on well-being that exists. It is not often that a panel of such original and cooperative scholars—from disciplines such as psychology, psychiatry, philosophy, theology, economics, public health, political science, and policy—can be assembled. If you have an inquisitive mind and a creative motivation, this is a great read. –Everett L. Worthington, Jr., Commonwealth Professor of Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University, co-editor of Handbook of Humility: Theory, Research and Applications, and author of Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Theory and Application.

The ebook version of this volume will also be available for free download.  We hope that this open access volume will help advance interdisciplinary scholarship and contribute to the well-being of all people.  We’ll post more information here when it becomes available.