Forbes | Harvard Initiative Shines A Light On The Vital Role Of Employee Well-Being In The Workplace

Disruptions in the workplace caused by the pandemic have had more far-reaching consequences than most people realize, say researchers at a collaborative network within the Harvard School of Public Health. Far more than just a source of employment, work plays a vital role in our mental health and sense of social connectedness. Business leaders should keep this larger role in mind as they steer their companies through the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

SHINE (Sustainability and Health Initiative for Netpositive Enterprise) was founded in 2013 on the premise that “human well-being is key to a sustainable future” and that “work is foundational to human flourishing and sustainability.” In the view of Executive Director Eileen McNeely, the workplace should be seen holistically as a “platform for well-being”—a source of meaning, purpose, and connection.

“What many businesses have not got to grips with is the total disruption the pandemic has caused in every area of people’s lives,” said McNeely in a recent interview. “This has a huge impact on how they best support their employees.”

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