Another Successful and Engaging SHINE Summit in the Books

SHINE recently hosted our 4th SHINE Summit, Why Well-being Matters: Meaning and Metrics for 21st Century Business Leaders, at Google Headquarters in Cambridge, MA.

Sustainability and health leaders from over 60 organizations, from Amazon to Yamaha Motors, attended to learn about the latest in visionary thinking, innovative research, and practical solutions for fostering well-being throughout the business value chain. The SHINE Summit acts as a springboard for applied research that inspires innovative ways to improve workplace well-being and the lives of workers in factories all the way up to senior leaders.

Attendees came from organizations across a variety of sectors including auto, manufacturing, apparel, insurance, finance, and more.  Our expert panelists from academia and business addressed the following topics:

  • How the auto industry impacts well-being
  • The importance of well-being in business from the investor perspective
  • Social impacts of technology on well-being
  • Technology solutions for improving people’s lives
  • What it means to integrate well-being throughout the global value chain
  • How to create business cultures that enable healthy, meaningful lives and better work
  • How well-being metrics (SHINE’s research expertise) inform corporate action and culture
  • Why well-being matters for sustainability
  • How to nourish collective impact across the SHINE community

Some of the reasons participants attend the Summit every year include:

  • learning about the latest academic research, strategies and tools in a non-commercial (no sponsors, no pitches) setting
  • inspired action and guidance on how to take practical ideas and solutions and implement them within the organization
  • uniquely holistic programming that connects well-being to business outcomes
  • the intimate format that is conducive to in-depth discussion, authentic relationship-building and high-impact collaboration with fellow leaders

At SHINE we apply research to help businesses find solutions that raise the health and well-being of the workforce and the communities in which we work.   We focus on social change and inspiring ways for people to flourish and feel a greater sense of mental, physical and physiological well-being.  Through our research, we enable companies to continue thriving in their industry while ensuring that the needs of their greatest asset, their people—employees, customers, communities —are met.   We see business as a platform to improve quality of life.  To do this, we help companies change their thinking around well-being and integrate it into their business as an operating system across the entire value chain.

If you’d like to engage with SHINE and learn how your organization can better integrate a culture of well-being into the thread of your organization, contact us.

Stay tuned for a Summit summary report coming soon!


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