Gustavo Nazato Furlan

Affiliated Research Scientist, SHINE
Ph.D. student, Applied Ecology Program, University of São Paulo

Gustavo is a Ph.D. student in the Applied Ecology Program at the University of São Paulo.  Gustavo´s research focuses on applying machine learning and statistical analysis to assess how Covid-19 has affected health and quality of life in Brazil. He has been working with several different projects, varying from social field to nuclear chemistry and medicine. His past research was mainly about the influence of technology and media environment on the quality of life of teenagers in Piracicaba-São Paulo-Brazil.   He and his advisors (Professor Gabriel Sarriés and Professor Antônio Almeida Junior), have been working alongside university students that require assistance in analysis for their research.  Other collaboration projects include the Radioisotope Laboratory at Center for Nuclear Energy in Agriculture – USP and Nuclear and Energy Research Institute – IPEN.