Support and engage with our ongoing research initiative to explore the impact of COVID-19 on the health and well-being of people worldwide, and to understand the role of institutions in shaping the future of health.

Workers everywhere have been impacted by the pandemic – healthcare workers on the front lines, teachers, those working in an office setting and in factories in the supply chain, and more.  Through our research, we aim to uncover the workplace systems and cultures that will allow for people and organizations to thrive.

This research focuses on how organizations can address workforce and community well-being throughout the crisis and build resilience for future health and economic challenges. 

SHINE is uniquely positioned to undertake this critical research as our focus is on the meaning and impact of work and the dynamic connections between workforce well-being and organizational health.

Join us

There is no better time to advance understanding of public health, and the drivers of well-being in times of crisis and beyond. Please join us in this research to create the evidence base needed to forge a new way forward.

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