Irina Mordukhovich

Irina Mordukhovich

Research Associate

Irina Mordukhovich works on environmental and occupational health studies at SHINE. Her research interests include evaluating chemical exposures, radiation levels, Circadian rhythm disruption from shift work, and other environmental and occupational factors, including psychosocial factors, in relation to chronic disease, mental health outcomes, well-being, and quality of life.

Irina is working to better understand the health of workers, including flight crews, through survey-based research, mobile health research using wearable sensors and apps, chamber studies of simulated environmental exposures, and laboratory-based studies of the chemical content of uniforms or of DNA damage and repair capacity in relation to workplace exposures.

By investigating the health of understudied populations, Irina hopes to add to the literature that can ultimately influence policies that improve health and quality of life.

Irina completed her doctorate in epidemiology at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Public Health, where her dissertation focused on associations between polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon exposures and breast cancer. Her postdoctoral training, which was conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health, focused on air pollution, ambient temperature changes, and heavy metal exposures in relation to methylation profiles and cardiopulmonary outcomes.

Irina started working in public health because of a combination of personal experiences with some of the health outcomes she is now studying, an interest in biological and medical sciences and in social sciences, including psychology and sociology, which was perfectly combined in the field of epidemiology, and the hope to make a difference in health and well-being.