Flight Attendant Health Study

We advance the way we understand how our health is connected to the environments in which we live and work. Flight Attendants are one of the most understudied occupations, yet our previous research discovered that they encounter exposures that can lead to health conditions such as chronic bronchitis, heart disease in women, skin cancer, hearing loss, and depression and anxiety. Our work aims to advance knowledge that will improve working conditions for flight attendants around the world.

In 2007, Eileen McNeely, the Co-Director of our Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise (SHINE), served as principal investigator of the Harvard Flight Attendant Study, which included over 4000 flight attendants and was the largest epidemiologic study on flight attendant health in the United States—however, we need to follow up in order to understand trends in flight attendant health over time.

To this end, we continue to track health changes in the Harvard Flight Attendant Cohort and will be including new technologies, such as wearable sensors, that allow us to understand the daily impact of past exposures to second hand tobacco smoke on everyday life.

For more information please view the Flight Attendant Health Study website: www.fahealth.org