Webinar with SHINE Director Eileen McNeely on Why Business Must Think Differently About Health, Equity, Resilience and the Future of Work

Join SHINE Executive Director Eileen McNeely as she discusses how considering a new role for organizational caring and establishing a culture of trust, belonging and inclusion is fundamental to employee well-being and to supporting successful business outcomes. Dr. McNeely will share how many studies, including her own research at the Sustainability and Health Initiative for Netpositive Enterprise (SHINE) at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, support these concepts.

For decades, employers’ perspectives on thriving at work were mostly about risk mitigation: how to keep workers healthy and safe and limit turnover. The guardrails for risk mitigation focused on occupational health and safety regulations as well as perks to attract and retain talent. However, the COVID pandemic and ensuing stress and burnout have laid bare the ineffectiveness of this approach in addressing the innate needs of workers to thrive in their work, thrive in their life and thrive together as a community. These human needs are nurtured in workplaces that demonstrate respect for fairness and equity, psychological safety and trust, recognition, caring and empathy for individuals and the community beyond.

Watch here.