Dorota Weziak-Bialowolska of SHINE Presents at OECD World Forum on Statistics in Korea

We are thrilled to share that Dorota Weziak-Bialowolska (Ph.D.), Research Associate at SHINE presented the paper entitled A New Approach to the Well-being of Factory Workers in Global Supply Chains: Evidence from Apparel Factories in Mexico, Sri Lanka, China and Cambodia at the OECD World Forum on Statistics, Knowledge and Policy in Korea this past November.

Since 2004, the OECD World Forums on Statistics, Knowledge and Policy have provided a vital space to exchange knowledge and experience on the role of evidence-based policy in shaping a better world for all. Over the years the Forums have brought together thousands of actors from a wide range of communities – including policy makers, academics, statisticians, and civil society representatives – to discuss new ideas and approaches on how to measure well-being and put it at the heart of government decision-making.

Themed “The Future of Well-being”, the 6th OECD World Forum, where Dr. Weziak-Bialowolksa presented looked at issues that will impact people’s well-being in the next ten to twenty years. Among the many factors that will impact people’s future lives, the Forum focused on three trends in particular: the digital transformation, the changing role of governance, and the emergence of the private sector as a key actor in influencing well-being outcomes.

The Forum brings together inspiring speakers including world leaders, Nobel-Prize winners, and innovators and change-makers from government, statistics, research, business and civil society.  We were honored to be a part of this year’s event.